Monday, March 1, 2010

Recap of Weeks 6-1

So, I never updated my blog. The reasons will become apparent, but here is the recap.

Week 6: Tuesday 5 miles, Wednesday 2 miles, Friday 10 miles, Saturday 20 miles. My first 20-miler went great. I finished in 3:31 with at 10:35 pace. And then I partied because the Saints made it to the Super Bowl.

Week 5: So, it seems I partied too hard after my 20-miler, so I caught a cold. I managed to run 5 miles on Wednesday, then I was done. Coughing, sneezing, the works. I tried to return to my training on Sunday, but only made it a mile and then I had to stop.

Week 4: I ran 5 miles on Tuesday, then attempted 10 on Wednesday. I made it to mile 5 and then my knee swole up like a balloon. I had been injury free in my training until this moment. It hurt like all get up, so I iced it and prayed it was a one time thing. I rested for a couple days and then ran 5 miles on Saturday and then 21 miles on Sunday. I finished in 3:41 with a 10:32 pace. Then, the SAINTS WON THE SUPERBOWL!! You can tell I ran 21 miles because I was red as a lobster!

My knee felt fine, until....

Week 3: I ran 5 on Tuesday and 8 on Wednesday, then Friday I attempted just a few miles and had to stop because the knee pain was back. I tried again on Saturday and only made it 6 miles before the pain became too much to bear. I went to a physical therapist who diagnosed it as bursitis (an inflamed bursa). Basically, the only thing I could do is rest it and take Aleve. Mardi Gras arrived, so I decided to rest my knee by going to parades, a Mardi Gras ball, and having a blast with my family and friends who came in from out of town. No running for me.

Weeks 2-1: Mardi Gras left and the flu arrived. Yep, that is right, two weeks before my marathon I got one of the worst flus I've ever had. I guess I had too much fun?!?! I don't know but it sucked. I was on my butt for almost two weeks. Yes, from Tuesday of Week 2 through Friday of Week 1 (2 days before the marathon) I felt like poop! I kept waiting to feel better, but it wasn't happening. So, no running for me. I barely did any moving for that matter.

Wow, what an end to the training process....but don't worry...there is good news on the way....STAY TUNED!

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