Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hi again!

Okay, I'm horrible about posting, but I've been busy. If you haven't noticed, I'm training for a MARATHON. Hahaha.

Time for a recap.

Week 7

Week 7 was a blast. Okay, I probably wouldn't have said that in week 7, but looking back I'm happy. Tuesday I ran 4 miles. Wednesday was 8 in 1:16 (getting faster :). Friday I ran 5 and Saturday 4. Sunday was the big day. I ran my first 25k!!!

I hate waking up early, but I got up in the 5:45 am range. I ate peanut butter on wheat and drank a bottle of water. I took a shower and got ready. Made it out the door for about 6:40am. Got to the race early to pick up my stuff. It was my first time using a timing chip!! It was pretty cold and I hadn't prepared for that. Everyone was dressed as if we were in a blizzard but I had shorts and a short sleeve shirt.

The race started at 8am and boy was it cold and windy. The first three miles sucked. The wind was in my face, my hands were cold, and pretty much everyone was passing me. I had a good pace though and was trying not to worry about what "place" I was in. Turns out most people were running the 10k and they turned around at the 5k point. At this point, it was a lot less crowded and I got into stride. The sun also came out and I was glad I had gone with the less is more approach. From miles 3-6 I ran next to an older man that was a lot of fun to talk to. I have learned from my last couple of races that I run at the "silver fox" pace. I like this because older men are fun to talk too and also tend to keep a steady pace. At 6 miles, my friend stopped to take a gu and I kept going. My husband was at mile 6 to cheer me on as well. I started to feel good and I picked up the pace a bit. I ran alone for a while and as we got closer to the turn around point, I started passing people. It was clear that people had gone out too fast, had worn too much clothes, or weren't prepared for the distance. I decided to pick up the pace again and just make it through.

The second half was easier because the head wind became a tail wind at the turn around. I started to slow around mile 12, but then I saw them. My family had come out around mile 13 to cheer me on. Besides Ryan at mile 6, they were literally the only fans at the entire race. I had not seen a single other person cheer us on except for some of the people handing out the water and Ryan. It was my mom, dad, sister, nephew, and niece. I gave them high fives and was ready to finish the last 2.5 miles.

I finished in 2:28:19. I was 22 out of 63 female finishers. My pace was 9:32.

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