Friday, November 13, 2009

Week 16--Midweek Post

So much to catch you guys up on....

I ended Week 17 with a total of 26 miles. I ran 11 on Sunday to round out the week. Then, I took the first three days of this week off. I was just burnt out and was super busy. We have new carpet and tile in the house and are working on the finishing touches like sealing the grout and getting the shoe molding installed and painted. I also hired a housekeeper to take some of the burden off me. Hopefully once this is all done, I will be refreshed and have a renewed interest in training. Well, I'm trying to get back on track so last night I ran 6 miles on the treadmill in just under an hour. It was nice to run again although I was upset with myself for not following the training plan. I plan to run 6 on Saturday and 12 on Sunday to end the week with a respectable 24 miles. Let's see if that happens considering tonight we are having a fun night out at a fancy restaurant for my sis's birthday.

In other birthday/training news, my lovely husband got me a Garmin 305 for my birthday. I haven't taken it out of the box yet, but I'm excited to use it on my runs this weekend! It will be fun to keep track of my pace/mileage/heart rate!! YAYAY!

Also, the finisher's medal has been revealed. Here it is!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Week....I Forget...Update

Okay, so I'm tiring of this whole training business. Maybe it is because life is busy or because I'm having blood sugar issues or because the marathon seems too far away, but my motivation is lacking. In spite of this, I still managed to fulfill most of the mileage last week. I ran 5 on Tuesday, 7 on Wednesday, 3 on Thursday, and 11 on Sunday. Nothing too exciting occurred. I did have a run in with nature on Wednesday as a snake slithered by and shortly after a cardinal almost flew into me. That got my heart racing for sure, but other than that, it has been uneventful. I have a couple longer runs planned for today and tomorrow, but I have a feeling I may cheat and shorten them a bit and just run a little longer this weekend. I'm finding that I really enjoy my one longer run of the week, but the running in the 4-8 range during the week is really getting me down. Partly because if I want to do it outside I have to wake up super early and that just hasnt been happening and if I don't wake up, I have to do it on the treadmill at night which sucks. I need to just get my butt out of bed but I just can't seem to talk myself into it at 5:45am. Also, next week is a pull back week, but maybe I will trade and run more next week.

And, at the wise suggestion of a commenter I have altered my goals. I have 3 goals.

Attainable: Finish marathon in under 5 hours
Moderate: Finish marathon in under 4:30 hours
Pie in the sky: Finish marathon in under 4:15

So there you have it in writing. Less than 4 months to go!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Training Recap

Back from beautiful Marshall, TX. Training last week was not the best. I managed 5 miles on Tuesday and 7 miles on Wednesday, but then took off Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday I tried to make up for my slow week and ran 10 miles. It was a good run with beautiful weather and candy lined streets.

This week I am attempting not to skip any of my short runs. Like last week, I've run 5 miles on Tuesday and 7 miles on Wednesday. I'm planning a 4-5 mile run tonight.

I'm getting slightly fatigued with this whole training thing. I've scheduled a doctor's appointment for tomorrow to make sure there is nothing wrong besides just being tired from training. I'm having some moments where I feel very weak and just overall icky. This doesn't happen during my runs and sometimes happens on my rest days. So, it could be stress, allergies, the weather change, over training, or something that is not good. Hopefully I'll get some answers tomorrow but I'm not completely confident that this is something that is easily diagnosed, but we shall see.